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Bournemouth pop their cherry

This has to rank as one of the biggest fairy tales in sporting history. Seven years ago, the Bournemouth players were collecting money in buckets outside the ground. They were docked 17 points for going into administration and started the season struggling to survive.

Today, they face the prospect of their first season in the top flight of English football, with all the riches that Premier league existence brings. The chairman insists that the club will not change, and let’s all hope that it doesn’t, that they can buy wisely and that Eddie Howe, the clearly quite brilliant Eddie Howe, can guide the Cherries to survival in the Premier League because football needs more stories like Bournemouth, more players like their players, who thrive on team spirit and togetherness – the world would be a better place if they continue this fairy tale for a few more seasons yet!

One thought on “Bournemouth pop their cherry”

  1. Adam Venus says:

    Couldn’t agree more. This story is one of those rare moments when football fans are pretty much unanimous in their opinion! Even Norwich and Middlesborough fans I know were pleased for the Cherries, and what a great climax to an incredible league. Hope to be seeing more of the Championship next season!

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