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The best view in Sport

There are not many people who would agree on an answer to this question! Perhaps a better question would be “What is the best view you have had personally?” A quick poll from those around me reveals: Trackside at Le Mans during the 24 hour

kp andrew strauss

The Kevin Pietersen debacle Part 2

I am cross. I have already written an article about Kevin Pietersen and I don’t want to have to write another one. But I must. I didn’t really realise it until this morning, but I have cared deeply about English cricket since before I met Clive

The impact of election week

For most people, election week is an all encompassing time; you either can’t get enough, sleeping less as the race reaches the finish line to catch up on the latest polls online or see what people are saying on Twitter; or, you down the whole

Kevin Pietersen England debate

The Kevin Pietersen debacle Part 1

The world continues to be both obsessed and polarised by the debate that rages on over whether or not Kevin Pietersen should be in the England cricket team. There are only a handful of people who genuinely know what KP was like in an England dressing