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Wayne Rooney: why is this game happening?

So what do we make of this Rooney scenario? This is one of those obscure sporting stories that seems to genuinely divide opinion. So here goes with both sides of the argument. The No, No, No Gang A close friend of mine thought this could

World Cup 2018

Who will win the World Cup 2018 in Russia?

Russia beckons. The world holds its breath. By the end of July, will we be discussing football or human rights? Security or Penalty? I sincerely hope that football is the winner, that new players emerge on a World stage to break through the Messi /

Steven Gerrard on Kicked Off

Steven Gerrard: the last in a dying breed?

As Steven Gerrard stepped off the pitch at Anfield last Saturday night, the congregation gathered stood to a man to worship their talisman, the one-club hero who may well go down in folklore in Liverpool as the best they ever had. But why? What is it

The impact of election week

For most people, election week is an all encompassing time; you either can’t get enough, sleeping less as the race reaches the finish line to catch up on the latest polls online or see what people are saying on Twitter; or, you down the whole

Magical Messi

I have never seen a performance like Lionel Messi’s this week. His ability to make good players look like Sunday league fools makes him one of the best players in the world, but his ability to be able to reproduce his best form on the

Bournemouth pop their cherry

This has to rank as one of the biggest fairy tales in sporting history. Seven years ago, the Bournemouth players were collecting money in buckets outside the ground. They were docked 17 points for going into administration and started the season struggling to survive. Today,