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Football has the romance back. Thank you Leicester!

Football is back in my good books!

This will just be a short, sharp article. A contrast to the ever-expanding Premier League Football season. In any normal year that would nark me, I would want the cricket season finished before the achievement of a double hundred in August was pushed off the back pages and trending lists by an overpaid hookah pipe smoking midfielder.

However, the 2015-2016 football season will go down in history. Either it will be remembered as a flash in the pan, that one glimpse of a glorious future without domination before the usual suspects took over again. Or it will be the turning of the tide, the season when the Premier League justified its tag as the best (most competitive) football league in the world.

I am an eager football fan again, I want to watch games, see matches live, hear the stories of the new kids on the block. Football had become stale; four clubs repeating the same feat year on year.

But Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri, Jamie Vardy, Rihad Mahrez, Spurs, Pochetino, Harry Kane, Dele Alli, have injected not just some fresh names but a spritz of romance, tales of success, nostalgic echoes of a time when hard work and more hard work brought success.

Every fan of a club outside the current top two wants Leicester to win the league. It is the same feeling that we all had about Bournemouth winning the Championship last season. I just hope that, like Bournemouth, they can continue their success and development next season and beyond.

Forza Leicester!

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