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The impact of election week

For most people, election week is an all encompassing time; you either can’t get enough, sleeping less as the race reaches the finish line to catch up on the latest polls online or see what people are saying on Twitter; or, you down the whole

Magical Messi

I have never seen a performance like Lionel Messi’s this week. His ability to make good players look like Sunday league fools makes him one of the best players in the world, but his ability to be able to reproduce his best form on the

Rugby World Cup 2015 on Kicked Off

Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions

As a rugby union fan it is hard not to get overexcited about the forthcoming Rugby World Cup in England & Wales this coming Autumn. Like a child before Christmas, I have started analysing the potential results a full four months early, and my predictions

Devon Loch on Kicked Off

Devon Loch Grand National 1956

There can be fewer stranger stories in sport than the 1956 Grand National. Devon Loch, owned by the Queen Mother, ridden by Dick Francis, the jockey turned novelist, jumped superbly around the 36 fence course to lead by a length and a half in the

A.P.McCoy on Kicked Off

A.P.McCoy: the Champion of Champions

Which other sports star comes close to rivalling, the now retired, A.P. McCoy as the Champion of Champions? He has been at the very top of his sport, Champion jockey for twenty consecutive years. 20. However you write it, it is extra-ordinary. We are not talking

Ronnie O'Sullivan

The Commitment of Sports Stars

In the wake of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s exit from the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield this week, he had no one but himself to blame saying: “I’ve had 20 years at the top – eventually there has to be a changing of the guard, I was way

Kevin Pietersen England debate

The Kevin Pietersen debacle Part 1

The world continues to be both obsessed and polarised by the debate that rages on over whether or not Kevin Pietersen should be in the England cricket team. There are only a handful of people who genuinely know what KP was like in an England dressing

Bournemouth pop their cherry

This has to rank as one of the biggest fairy tales in sporting history. Seven years ago, the Bournemouth players were collecting money in buckets outside the ground. They were docked 17 points for going into administration and started the season struggling to survive. Today,